Godsmack Releases When Legends Rise

Godsmack today released their seventh studio album When Legends Rise, their first album in four years. With Godsmack headlining Rock Fest on Friday, July 13, we are thrilled to hear these new songs resonate among Rock Fest fans (and get your tickets NOW–prices increase May 5). This is an album you need to check out!

When Legends Rise is Godsmack’s seventh studio album, released today. Godsmack will be headlining Rock Fest on Friday, July 13,

About the Album

“Bulletproof,” Track 2 on the album, was released in February 2018. Sully Erna told Blabbermouth about the single, “It’s just a song that, for me, came out and sounded really big for me—melodically.”

The leading track, which also was chosen as the name of the album, is about rebuilding—a renaissance, if you will. The song, and album, reflects the recent transition Sully himself with through, after eliminating negative people and things from his life.

“[When Legends Rise is about] burning it down to the ground and rebuilding it one step at a time and reaching inside yourself to find the inner strength to rise above,” Sully told Blabbermouth.

About the Songs

When Legends Rise includes something for everyone—set up with the Side A/Side B, with the beginning of the album carrying a newer side of writing.

“Under Your Scars” is a well-executed ballad highlighted with haunting violin harmonies. We can only hope gets Rock Fest fans whipping out their cell phones and lighting up the crowd on Friday night.

Go ahead and rock out to more traditional Godsmack songs on the latter half, like “Just One Time” (turn this one up loud—some great guitar & drum stuff). I like to whip my hair to the grooves of “Say My Name.” And I find the climbing riff of “Let it Out” rough and sexy, in addition to the catchy chorus that I refuse to stop singing anytime soon.

“There’s certainly Godsmack songs that are gonna cater to the core audience, and there’s stuff that just kind of pulled us in a little bit of a new direction,” Sully said.

When Legends Rise Tracklist

01 – “When Legends Rise”
02 – “Bulletproof”
03 – “Unforgettable”
04 – “Every Part Of Me”
05 – “Take It To The Edge”
06 – “Under Your Scars”
07 – “Someday”
08 – “Just One Time”
09 – “Say My Name”
10 – “Let It Out”
11 – “Eye Of The Storm”

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