Early Renewals are Back

Here’s exciting news about Early Renewals for VIP and Reserved Lawn seats. The reaction was so good last year, we’re doing it again. Get your VIP and Reserved Lawn for Rock Fest 2020 BEFORE heading to Rock Fest 2019. Rock Fest 2020 is July 16-18. Sick of waiting in line at the VIP Booth toContinue Reading

Paying Tribute

These bands are set to pay tribute to some of the biggest legends in rock music. See ‘em on the Jack Daniel’s Tribute Stage at Rock Fest 2019! THURSDAY MADMAN’S DIARY Madman’s Diary is the Nation’s Premier “Ultimate Ozzy Experience.” With a giant production and sync’d video, the Madmen take fans on journey through Ozzy’sContinue Reading

Announcing Day of the Dead

You Rockers killed it (pun intended) at last year’s Zombie Crawl on Friday the 13th. We’re upping the ante this year. Join us Friday, July 19 for Day of the Dead. Get your best costume ready. The Rock Fest team will be walking around with Meet & Greets and Pit Passes to those that they deem worthy. OneContinue Reading

Enter Budweiser’s Boneyard

That’s right. These bands are taking the stage at Budweiser’s Boneyard. THURSDAY The Zealots A Zealot is a radical individual with uncompromising ideals or beliefs. The Zealots belief? To bring about a revival in rock n roll and restore it to the forefront of the industry. With sweeping choruses and heavy guitar riffs, The ZealotsContinue Reading