Ace Frehley to Release New Album “Spaceman”

A new album will be coming from Ace Frehley in a couple of months, and we hope it arrives before seeing him headline the Who’s On Top stage at this July’s Rock Fest Bonus Bash.

The original KISS guitarist was part of a question-answer session at this weekend’s Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo. He answered questions about past tours, his influencers, how he wants to be remembered, and gave details about the upcoming album.

Ace Frehley will headline Rock Fest’s Bonus Bash on Wednesday, July 11.

Although Ace wanted to call the album “Forty Years Later,” as it’s been forty years since his first solo record, his former bandmate Gene Simmons suggested it be called “Spaceman.”

“ … I figured I’d go with it. That’s a nice sound bite,” Ace said. “Someone says, ‘How come it’s called ‘Spaceman’?’ I go, ‘Gene Simmons wanted me [to call it that].’”

Ace and Gene had recently worked together on a couple of songs, and the collaboration was the first time Ace has worked with him, sober.

The album will include the single “Bronx Boy,” Ace’s first new original track released since Space Invader in 2014. Space Invader sold over 50,000 copies and hit No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart.

“Bronx Boy” was the result of a three-hour jam session with Gene, initially working off acoustic guitars. Of course, Ace delivers with old-school rock & roll grit and screaming solos.

See Ace perform at Rock Fest as he headlines Wednesday night’s Bonus Bash on July 11. Ace will take the Who’s On Top stage at 10:30 p.m. The Bonus Bash is exclusive to three-day ticket holders.

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