Early Renewals are Back

Here’s exciting news about Early Renewals for VIP and Reserved Lawn seats. The reaction was so good last year, we’re doing it again. Get your VIP and Reserved Lawn for Rock Fest 2020 BEFORE heading to Rock Fest 2019. Rock Fest 2020 is July 16-18.

Sick of waiting in line at the VIP Booth to renew your seats? From June 10-14, you will be able to call our office between 8AM-4PM CST and get your seats renewed for next year!

Call the Rock Fest office at 800.326.3378 June 10-14 between 8AM-4PM CST to renew your VIP or Reserved Lawn tickets and campsites for Rock Fest 2020. You will only be allowed to renew the seats you have in 2019, more details below. You will also be able to renew one campsite per ticket. We will still take renewals at the VIP Booth during the festival. But, why spend time waiting in line when you could be enjoying the music?


  1. Our phone number—it’s 800-326-3378
  2. Your Rock Fest 2019 Order Confirmation Number
    • This can be found on your 2019 receipt or in your SeeTickets account
  3. Which seats & campsites you want to keep for 2020
  4. A credit card to put the full amount on
    • NOTE: Payment Plans are not available during renewals


Hoping to move closer to the stage? To the right or left? Out to an aisle? Let us know when you call! We will make a note in your account. Once all renewals and move requests are received, we will move you to best available seats based on your request. If there aren’t better seats available, you will stay in your current seats. Moves will be made Friday, July 19 after 9PM, once all renewals have ended. If we are able to grant your request to move, your new seats will be updated in your online SeeTickets account after 1PM CST on Saturday, July 20.

If you need to purchase additional seats in VIP or Reserved Lawn, you will need to wait until 1PM on July 20 and purchase at the VIP Booth on the concert grounds.


The VIP Booth will still be open during Rock Fest for renewals. Just like with phone renewals, put in your request to shift seats when you’re renewing! If possible, we will move you to best available seats based on your request. The VIP Booth will be open the following hours at Rock Fest to renew your seats for 2020:

  • Wednesday, July 17: 5-9PM
  • Thursday, July 18: 11AM-9PM
  • Friday, July 19: 11AM-9PM 


If getting to skip the renewal line while you’re at Rock Fest 2019 isn’t enough, you can also win stuff by renewing early! All who renew seats + campsites during Early Renewals will be entered to win Meet & Greets or Pit Passes for Rock Fest 2019!

Spread the word to make sure all VIP and Reserved Lawn know to call in!

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