It’s Good to be On Top

Here’s a look at the bands taking the Who’s On Top Stage on Thursday of Rock Fest 2019.


One thing you can count on from Of Mice & Men is consistency. It’s a theme the band reasserts on their albums, something the bands takes pride in. Vocalist / Bassist Aaron Pauly says, “even though it’s become a one-serving singles and streaming industry, we make records that you’re meant to digest over a long period.” Of Mice & Men takes headlining duties Thursday on the Who’s On Top Stage at 9:50pm.


Rock Fest first-timers STATIC-X will be taking the Who’s On Top Stage by force with their Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary show. Catch them at 7:25pm. And read up on the band in this first-timers blog post.


Push boundaries. That’s one thing Sylar is not afraid to do. Hailing from Queens, this rap / rock squad uses their platform for self-expression and celebrating the underdog. Delivering every note with unapologetic realness and authenticity. Don’t miss Sylar pour out their hearts at 5:15pm.


Born out of St. Paul, Revenant Soul came together piece by piece. It was late 2017 when Casey Weishaar and Joe Bjornrud met and decide to pursue music. The search for a drummer was brought to Craigslist and Nik Jagessar was discovered. The lead singer hunt ended when Bjornrud’s past acquaintance Joe De Rocher came back. This Midwest metal band will be taking the stage at 3:20pm.


Female fronted Gabriel and the Apocalypse has a sound that’s a unique blend of Metal, Rock, Goth and Industrial. Hailing from Minneapolis, the band delivers anthems on politics and world issues – all on a personal level. Be at the Who’s On Top Stage at 1:40pm to catch their powerful performance.


Soaring vocals, screaming guitars and thunderous drums. That’s what makes The 9th Planet Out the band they are. Pushing the limits on Hard Rock, the band released their self-titled debut album to global success. The 9th Planet Out will be bringing their unforgettable live show to Thursday’s After Party at 12:55am.


Formed in Minnesota, Sweet Addiction has played some of the Midwest’s largest venues. Band members Joe Spannbauer, Chad Haseldalen, Jason Reed, Todd Jameson and Rich Zasada make up Sweet Addiction, a rock and party band ready bring their music to Rock Fest fans. Catch them kicking off Thursday’s Who’s On Top performances at 12:15pm.


With this kind of lineup for Thursday of Who’s On Top, you know you can’t miss it. Get your Rock Fest tix + camping before prices go up May 2. Act like a Rock Fest pro – download the Rock Fest app to add these bands to your schedule. GO!

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