Prices Go Up Soon + 2019 Updates

The weather is heating up and Rock Fest 2019 is getting closer. Less than 100 days to go! Heads up for you slackers, ticket prices are going up May 2. Act now to get yours at the lowest price of the year.

So, exactly how much are saving by getting your tickets before May 2? Campsites ($105.00) and 1-Day General Admission tickets ($89.00) are each going up $10.00. 3-Day General Admission tickets will increase $20.00 to $129.00. If you’re strapped for cash, we’ve got a Payment Plan option to pay off your tickets in chunks. You can always make money, you can’t always recreate that once-in-a-lifetime performance… 

There’s over 65 bands coming to Rock Fest 2019. YUP, that’s a lot. Want the inside info on those acts? Check out our other blogs to be the true rock fan you’re meant to be.

This insane artist lineup is what makes Rock Fest, but we know it’s about more than just the music. Kick up your feet in Rock N Relax. Destroy your crew in a giant game. Grab some grub. Take a hike through Hell’s Hollow. And more. There is never a dull moment Where We Just Rock.


You need tickets? We’ve got tickets. Prices are going up May 2. So get yours before then.

Can’t get enough Rock Fest? We get it. Check out the Rock Fest Spotify playlists to hold you over until July. Lookin’ to keep up with the latest on the festival? Sign-up for Rock Fest emails.

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