How Would You Rank Alice Cooper’s Albums?

The Hollywood Vampires Tour

Alice Cooper has staying power. That’s an understatement. His work spans decades, from the 60’s up to present-day project Hollywood Vampires. Take a tour through the Cooper catalog, courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock, and let us know if you agree with the rankings!

Between shock rock and show tunes, proto-punk and hair metal, Cooper has done it all. With an ear for melody and an eye for the macabre, he has survived just about every musical trend over the past five decades.

In addition to all that great music, Cooper has appeared in movies, on TV shows (hosting his own specials!) and in commercials. You’ll also find him on golf courses and, for a while at least, inside his own Alice Cooper-themed franchise restaurants.

But it all comes down to the music, which has spanned the late ’60s through today — he’s rarely stayed way too long over the past five decades. And that’s something worth celebrating. From 1969’s Pretties for You through 2011’s Welcome 2 My Nightmare, he’s built a catalog of hits, misses and true classics. Plus, his revolutionary stage shows have inspired tons of artists over the years and practically become a genre itself.

(Ultimate Classic Rock – Alice Cooper’s Albums Ranked)

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