Renew Now for 2019: VIP & Res. Lawn

We’ve been wanting to make your Rock Fest experiences better, and we feel this will help out our fans with VIP & Reserved Lawn:

You can call in to renew for 2019. Right now. Before the Rock Fest 2018 even starts.

No more waiting in line at the VIP Booth for renewals. Nope. Just give us a call, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm CST. We’ll be taking renewals now through Tuesday, July 10.

Here’s what you’ll need to renew:

  • Our phone number: 800-326-FEST (3378)
  • Your Rock Fest 2018 order confirmation number (starts with a “gn”)
  • Which seats & campsites you want to keep for 2019
  • A credit card to put the full amount on.

Yes, we will still allow renewals at the VIP Booth during Rock Fest, Wednesday-Friday at 9pm, but why waste your precious Rock Fest time waiting in a line?

Do you want to move your seats closer to the stage?

Shift your seats when you call in–let us know if you want to move forward, left, or right from your current seats, or move to the aisle. After everyone has renewed & put in their shifting requests, we will shift you, to the best seat(s) available. If there are none better, you will keep your same seats. If you are unsure about the switch, we recommend you keep your same seats.

Your new seats will be updated in your online See Tickets account after 3pm on Saturday, July 14.

Important dates to remember:

  • Call in to renew: Monday, July 2 – Tuesday, July 10, 8am-4pm CST Monday-Friday 800-326-FEST
  • Renew at VIP Booth:
    • Wednesday, July 11, 5-9pm
    • Thursday, July 12, 11am-9pm
    • Friday, July 13, 11am-9pm
  • Seats shifted (if requested): Saturday, July 14, 11am-3pm. This is done by our team.
  • New VIP/Reserved Lawn Purchasers: Saturday, 3pm-9pm
    • You WILL have to line up at the VIP booth for this.
    • First-come, first-served.

Other stuff:

As in the past, you are only allowed to renew the same campsites and seats you’ve had in the prior year. You can only renew one campsite for each VIP/Res. Lawn seat.

Please share this info with any of your fellow VIP/Res. Lawn friends who may not have gotten our message. We hope to be able to assist you with your renewals now so that we can all enjoy the incredible artists joining us at Rock Fest 2018!

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  • Becky


    Can I call to get VIP seats renewed/moved for next year still? Are we allowed to do layaway for them? Same with our campsite. Thank you

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