Time to Get Loud

Take a look at the local bands showing up loud and proud on the Loud & Local Stage. THURSDAY STARE ACROSS Founded six years ago in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Stare Across has been perfecting a sound that has been capturing the attention of fans around the Midwest. It’s a sound that blends bluesy grunge withContinue Reading

Paying Tribute

These bands are set to pay tribute to some of the biggest legends in rock music. See ‘em on the Jack Daniel’s Tribute Stage at Rock Fest 2019! THURSDAY MADMAN’S DIARY Madman’s Diary is the Nation’s Premier “Ultimate Ozzy Experience.” With a giant production and sync’d video, the Madmen take fans on journey through Ozzy’sContinue Reading

Enter Budweiser’s Boneyard

That’s right. These bands are taking the stage at Budweiser’s Boneyard. THURSDAY The Zealots A Zealot is a radical individual with uncompromising ideals or beliefs. The Zealots belief? To bring about a revival in rock n roll and restore it to the forefront of the industry. With sweeping choruses and heavy guitar riffs, The ZealotsContinue Reading

Celebrate Friday On Top

Rock Fest Fridays are the best Fridays. These bands will experience that at the Who’s On Top Stage on July 19. Here’s what you can expect. ASKING ALEXANDRIA With a combination of modern active rock and the traditional attitude of the culture’s trailblazers, Asking Alexandria has cultivated a career of top singles, viral music videos, sold outContinue Reading

Rock Fest Artists Firsts

They say you never forget your first time…Some bands are about to experience Cadott for the first time. Get to know ’em before July. EVANESCENCE Ready to check ’em off your bucket list? Evanescence released SYNTHESIS, their first album since 2011, at the end of 2017. And they’ve been bringing the reimagined hits to lifeContinue Reading