Trivium’s Latest Album Returns: Heavy

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu recently sat down to an interview with Andrew Pecoraro of Peck’s Metal Picks to discuss the sound and style of their latest record, one that is without limits on their heavier sound and screaming vocals.

The Sin And The Sentence (released Oct. 2017) mashes everything that makes up Trivium’s sound in one record.

The Sin And The Sentence, Trivium’s eighth studio album, was released in October 2017. Trivium will be performing Rock Fest on Friday, July 13.

“We wanted to play some heavy stuff, but also have the aggression and stuff that we’ve done in the past and also have all the big, melodic stuff,” said Beaulieu.

The band knew what their fans liked about their music and the writing came naturally to them to include both aggressive songs and others with more melodic elements, as well as songs that married the two.

Trivium will perform on Rock Fest’s Main Stage on Friday, July 13.

The show Trivium plays at Rock Fest is bound to be different from other shows. Performances include actively rotating setlists with older songs, including those that are very drum-heavy. They’ve had some turnover with drummers, some of who couldn’t easily play every song.

However, their current drummer, Alex Bent (joined in 2016), has been able to tackle all angles of Trivium’s style, including the extreme side of Trivium that includes the double-bass material.

Beauliew admits that it’s been fun playing songs that haven’t been played live in five or seven years, and surprising their fans in doing so. “It’s always fun to rotate in and out old songs because having the balance the setlist with new and old, we’re playing some old stuff that we normally don’t play and it makes it fun for the rest of us.”

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