Underoath’s Erase Me Debuts at #4 on Billboard Chart

In 2015, Underøath reunited after a two-year disbanding. Three years later, their return album, Erase Me, has debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. The band will be performing Rock Fest in Cadott, Wis. on Saturday, July 14.

“When we decided to make a new album, we didn’t know what it would sound like, what the response would be or exactly who’d be interested. Finding out we have the #4 album in the country is just insanity,” said Underøath in a joint statement.

“The response has been more than we could have hoped for and we’re still processing it all. In the streaming age we’re in, when money is spent on an album, we know it’s a conscious effort to support and we don’t take that for granted. Incredibly grateful today. Enjoy Erase Me. Dig in. Play it loud. 2018 is just getting started.”


Underoath will be performing Rock Fest in Cadott, Wis. on Saturday, July 14.

Ditching the Christian Label

For almost two years, the band had identified as Christian, but felt restricted in their creations. With Erase Me, their first album released in eight years on April 6, Underøath ditched the label for an altered image.

The band is going from unapologetically professing their faith-based worldview on stage to delivering an album that knowingly stirs the pot. But holding the title of “Christian” had affected their lives negatively, with vocalist Spencer Chamberlain finding releases through the usage of drugs.

“I was struggling and all I was getting was hate, like, all I’m having is people tell me how shitty I am all the time. That’s not love, that’s not comfortable,” lead singer Spence Chamberlain told Revolver in a March interview.

Underoath’s return album, Erase Me, released April 6, has hit #4 on the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart.

“We couldn’t grow musically, and we couldn’t grow individually and once we let that stuff go we became a healthy, happy family that got along and were able to create music again,” Chamberlain said (read the full article “Spencer Chamberlain: How Losing Religion Saved Underøath,” here).

What the Press is Saying

Erase Me has been described as “crushing” (Revolver), “massive” (Alternative Press) and “epic” (Kerrang), with Metal Injection saying “This is truly the return of Underøath. The sheer and raw force of energetic emotion that was present on great albums such as Define the Great Line… is back in spades.”

If you haven’t listened to Erase Me yet, we highly recommend you do. Get Underøath Pit Passes, here, to be immersed in their performance at this July’s 25th Annual Rock Fest.

Erase Me Track Listing

01. It Has To Start Somewhere
02. Rapture
03. On My Teeth
04. Wake Me
05. Bloodlust
06. Sink With You
07. Ihateit
08. Hold Your Breath
09. No Frame
10. In Motion
11. I Gave Up

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