Your Vote Matters…And No, We’re Not Talking About The Presidential Election

Hey guys…sick of campaign bulls*&$ yet? Us too. So we’ve decided to focus on a much more entertaining and important vote… Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Album Covers!

Obviously rock isn’t just for the ears…it’s entertainment for the eyes as well. That’s proven in the long list of legendary art greeting you to your favorite albums. put together 30 iconic album covers…and we want to know your favorites! Peruse the gallery and give us your thoughts below…we had several top our personal lists out here at Fest.


Speaking of voting, it’s time for us to thank YOU for casting your ballots for us. Rock Fest was recently recognized in Volume One’s “Best Of” issue, and we could not be more grateful. Rock Fest placed 3rd in the Best Music Festival category and in the Best Musical Performance in the Past Year for Five Finger Death Punch’s killer show here in July.


The honor is huge of course, but what’s more important is that we truly have the BEST fans in the entire world. Thank you for your continued support, your love, your feedback, your memories… Thank you for helping us prove that rock is NOT dead.


Here’s to another year of planning our next family reunion. Can’t wait to see your crazy faces again. #rockfest2017

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