Who’s On Top Saturday Lineup

These bands are ready to wrap up Rock Fest 2019 on a high note. Keep reading for the inside info on bands taking the Who’s On Top Stage on Saturday, July 20.


Passion. That’s what it comes down to for P.O.D. It’s what has kept the band going since forming in 1992. It’s what has earned them over 10 million albums sold, numerous nominations, dozens of hits and an ever-growing fan base. It’s what brought the band back together after a hiatus in 2008. See P.O.D. pour that passion out on stage when they headline Who’s On Top at 9:50pm.


Red Sun Rising isn’t going to stick to one genre or sound. Don’t ask them to classify their music. “We’ve just taken all our influences and all these different eras of music, and threaded them together to create our own sound,” says Mike Protich. Hear Red Sun Rising‘s unique sound echo through Who’s On Top at 7:25pm.


Being tri-lingual (English, Spanish and Italian), Diamante grew up with a love for words and poetry. After starring in a few school productions, Diamante attended a School of Rock program and a fire was lit. Since then she’s been honing a “classic rock sound with a modern alternative edge.” See this powerhouse take the Who’s On Top Stage at 5:15pm.


Iowa based and female-fronted, The Rumours aren’t afraid to get in your face with their music. With influences like The Donnas, The Ramones and Kiss, they are set to keep rock and roll alive. They’re out to prove that girls can rock. Be there for their high energy performance at 3:20pm.


In addition to their unmistakable sound, Lydia Can’t Breathe is also known for their sense of humor. Fans know lead singer Kyle Bolduc for his unique views that the band expresses in their music. Be ready for heavy guitar sounds, variety of drum styles and low end bass when they take the Who’s On Top Stage at 1:40pm.


Tracie Radermacher had a vision of a hard-hitting, face-melting band, and Piranha was born. A band that’s not afraid to reinvent themselves. You can see that in the heavy metal riff-heavy sound of their first album, to the simplified post grunge inspired sounds of their sophomore album, to the darker sound in their most recent release. Don’t miss Piranha‘s dynamic performance for Saturday’s After Party at 12:55am.


A Light Divided is determined to overcome all obstacles independent bands face. Their high-energy live performances have earned them a loyal fan base. With a sound they describe as “heavy enough for the hardcore crowd and soft enough for mainstream radio,” A Light Divided is set to kick off Saturday’s Who’s On Top performances at 12:15pm.


Live music. Being surrounded by those who share your passion. Ice cold drinks. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday. Agree? Grab those tickets asap – ticket prices are jumping May 2. Already got yours? Keep an eye out for a Stick It Ticket in your envelope.

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